U.S. Senate to launch new poker bill

August 6, 2009

U.S. Senate could be about to launch a new pro-poker bill today, which could benefit the whole poker community

The new bill known as The Internet Skill Game Regulation Bill has been created for sole purpose of online poker and other similar games which feature on the internet. The man responsible for this bill is Robert Menendez who is the Senator of New Jersey.

The new bill will allow a regulation process to be built which would allow for online poker companies to operate in the U.S. There will also be regulations brought in to guard against under-age gambling and protecting players. The bill will continue to work with existing laws in U.S states where online poker has not been made legal yet by blocking players from that state.

Players will be interested in the proposed 10% tax which will occur on all deposits made, this is the first time a number has been given.

The bill is likely to get support from different financial backers and establishments from around America.

The bill is to be debated and voted for after the August senate recess, with other potential poker friendly bills likely to feature.

We will bring you the latest new of all the bills and their progress as soon as we get them.