Texas Hold’em Betting Limits

August 6, 2009

In the game of Texas Hold’em there are three different types of limits which can be played. They are the following:

  1. Fixed Limit
  2. Pot Limit
  3. No Limit

Fixed Limit

This is most common type of game. In our Guide To Playing Texas Hold’em we have used an example of fixed limit game. The basic idea is for each round the limits have already been set and can not be exceeded. So in the example we used the fixed limit was $8/$16. For the first two rounds the most that can be betted is $8 and in the next two rounds the maximum is only $16.

Of course in each round the betting can be raised with a maximum of 3 raises in each round. In our example the total which the raised bet amount can total in round 1 and 2 is $32 and and total of $64 in the last two rounds.

This type of limit game is great for new players, as it will allow them to learn the basic of the game without having to spend to much money.

Pot Limit

A pot limit game is when a minimum bet has been determined by the table and a big blind has been deposited. When the game starts players can only make a bet worth double of the previous bet and no larger then the amount in the pot currently. A typical example is there is around $200 in the pot and the previous bet was $30 then the next player must raise a minimum of $60 and no higher then $200.

This form of the game offers the best choice if you like to be flexible. There is of course more strategy involved and bluffing will be of great use here. Beginners should only give this a go if the buy in amounts are low.

No Limit

Similar to the previous limit game, the game is dictated by the big blind player who places the first bet into the pot. Another similarity is when a raise is made by the next player, the minimum amount has to be double the previous. But the difference is the maximum amount which can be placed is all of the chip which the player has.