Strategies for Texas Hold’em

August 6, 2009

As you find with most poker games, there are various methods which can be used by different players to try and get an edge over the competition. Texas Hold’em is no different for this reason we will concentrate on the basic strategy and hopefully give you some tips and tactics which you can use to become a better poker player.

As a player you will always have to make one of two decisions in all rounds of the game, these are whether to ‘fold’ or to ‘stay’. The decision normally relies on two important aspects of the game these are

  1. The five cards placed on the table by the dealer (community cards)
  2. The two original cards given at the start of the game by the dealer (hole cards)

Most poker strategies are based around the two original cards which are given to each player. These cards are very important as they always determine the starting hand used with the cards placed on the table. Remember that this is the same for all the other players.

Deciding on the right strategy will take practise and a lot of hours playing against opponents of similar levels to you. The decisions which are made can depend on the following

  • The starting hand
  • How many players in the game
  • The five cards (community cards) dealt by the dealer for the table
  • The limit of the game (How high)

IMPORTANT: It does not matter the number of players in a game or the stake value it is the starting hand that plays the most important part to becoming victorious.