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Sportsbook Poker Review

Sportsbook is a global sports brand not only specialising in poker but also casinos, racebook and sportsbook ventures. The reputation has allowed it to boast more than one million current members with numbers growing daily.

The sportsbook poker venture started in 2006, and signed itself up to the cake poker network, which brought plenty of knowledge and players. What makes Sportsbook Poker unique is that they have decided to concentrate only on the Canadian and American market, this has helped them as plenty of rooms have no us players allowed.

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Software & Graphics
The software provided by Sportsbook Poker thanks to the cake network has plenty of features such as the ability to see statistics of your previous and current games. The software itself runs very easily on most computers, with great playability. The software does have a few niggles, where it can freeze at some periods of time but this is easily resolved simply by closing and restarting.

The graphics are very easy on the eye, and do not slow down the computer in anyway, players have a choice of avatars when they start to play at the table, this enables them to feel more involved in the action.

Inside the games, the tables and poker environment looks fantastic. The table is covered in blue felt with the Sportsbook Poker logo centred in the middle. The floors look like marble with a simple deign as well as red curtains covering both sides, making you feel that you are in one of those secret games.

Game Variety
There are various games available on Sportsbook Poker, games include Texas Hold’em and Omaha which are available in limit and pot limit variations. You will find that most traffic is from the Texas Hold’em games but other tables will get players during the peak hours. There are around 7 tournaments held every day offering great cash prizes.

Multi table tournaments are currently only available for players playing Texas Hold’em, which does not affect many of the players who play on the site.

Bonuses & Promotions

Customer Support
Sportsbook Poker offers a variety of methods in which to contact them from email to live chat on the computer. The telephone helpline is supported 24/7 with the staff ready to answered all questions as effectively as they can or point you towards someone who can.

Depoist & Withdrawl Options
Currently Sportsbook Poker is accepting all deposits using the following methods