How to read Poker Tells Online

April 15, 2010

Most people have little ‘tells’ which are sometimes not known by the person themselves. These ‘tells’ are normally lead other players to guess the players hand or situation, these are normally associated with the persons body language. Spotting these traits are very fun to spot, and also very valuable to other players. A person can be fidgeting consistently, licking their lips at certain occasions or every scratching an invisible itch, all these can mean something depending when they initiate it.

You may be asking yourself, spotting a tell in the real world is easy but how do you do it online, when avatars or a picture are representing the player.

The first thing you need to know that your own hand and how you play can easily be identified online as well as your opponent, no matter your picture you are using. The main way of spotting an online tell is how fast a player plays and makes a bet. Though on certain programs there is automatic feature which will do actions for you if you have picked it to do so beforehand.

Another tell which can be spotted only is online time taking, this is when the player may have a weak hand and maybe taking their time to ‘check’ and ‘think’ whether or not they can really play. Sometimes playing after a long period can implies strength, making a bet which may be risky can imply they are weak and waiting for you to call.

These are just some of the ways to spot online tells of invisible players without seeing them. Make sure you pay attention on the players methods and way they are playing, especially those who you play often with, these tells will become more known to you. For yourselves, make sure you respond in good time, and throw in some random delays to make your tell impossible to guess.