Guide to Playing Texas Hold’em

August 5, 2009

Starting the Game

To begin the game, a dealer is chosen between the players, it does not matter who it is as after each hand is player a new dealer is chosen. After the dealer is chosen, the blinds will need to be made. Remember the blind players are always to the left of the dealer. The dealer can then start to give out the cards, for the opening it will be two cards given in a clockwise direction.

You are now ready to start the first round of betting, this is where the fun really begins.

Round 1 – Betting

This where the game starts. The players look at the two original cards which were given to them from the dealer and check to see if it is worth playing on. The bets go around the table clockwise, and starts from the player to the left of the big blind player. In the first round all players apart from the player who played the big blind can choose the following options:
FOLD (exit the game)
CALL (Match the bet)
RAISE (Increase amount to the fullest)

If the remaining players in the round, choose to call then the player who posted the big blind amount has the an additional option.

CHECK ( Allows for them to stay in the game, without calling or raising)

Round 2 – The Flop

After the first round of betting, the dealer will now deal out the first three community cards face up for the table to see, usually placed in the centre of the table. The players remaining can now use there two original cards with the 3 community cards to form a possible winning hand.


In this round the betting will begin from the dealers left, no matter the circumstance for example the dealer may have folded in the earlier round. The play is always played clockwise for this round, betting commences with the first player closest to the dealers left. The same set of options is available for the players as previously either fold, call, and raise. The first players to make to enter a wager in the round has the option to check, if no raises are made then all players can check.

Round 3 – The Turn

After the round 2 has finished, the next phase is for the dealer to give out the fourth card which is placed on the board. Once the second betting round has come to an end, the dealer deals the fourth
community card on the table. It is at this stages where the game become very interesting as players have now 6 cards which to look at and figure the winning the hand.


This round of betting follows the same pattern as the previous round, difference this time the stakes have increased and players now have to up the money when waging at the table.

Round 4– The River

The dealer now plays the final card, which is the fifth on the table. This gives the players a total of 7 cards to try and get the best possible hand out of.

The Final Bet

This round is exactly the same as the previous round as players are still playing with the higher stake level.


This is the final stage of the game, where all players who have remained in the game show the hands which they have, normally the last player to bet begins and so on.

Players have the option during this final stage to “MUCK” (fold, not show cards). If the scenario of all players fold, with the remaining player winning by default then a showdown is not required. The winner can choose to show their hand if they wish to but most do not.

Winning The Pot

Below is a summary of the three ways which the pot can be won by players in the game.

  1. The easiest way for a player to win the pot is for them to have the best winning hand. In an online environment the software will usually calculate this for you and declare the winner at the end of the game.
  2. If a scenario occurs when two player have the same winning hand then both win the pot which is halved.
  3. The last way, is when the 5 cards which are on the table make the best winning hand, if this happens then all the remaining players will get part of the pot money. This is known as the ‘board plays’.